Revamped Web presence

Don’t call it a blog! Well, OK, I guess it is a blog, technically. But we don’t do any of that “blogosphere” nonsense around here.

Welcome to my new and improved personal homepage, which is only part of a comprehensive overhaul of all my various Web sites and properties. For a while now I’ve felt that it’s high time I got myself a grown-up’s Web site to replace the rather shabby version I’ve been using since the late 90s. (You remember that one, right? All the skulls and calligraphy fonts? How we’ll miss it.)

Building the new site around a blog back end will make it easier for me to keep you up to date on my comings and goings, if you’re the sort of person who cares. I’ll post updates on my latest work and where to find it, highlight some events of interest, and maybe even post the occasional review or random observation, just for fun.

If you’ve arrived at this site and can’t find what you were looking for, don’t fret. A few things have moved around, but most everything is still available. A lot of the miscellaneous stuff that cluttered my old site has been relocated under one of the menus in the right-hand column — I’ll let you guess which one — or will be soon.

More importantly, as I mentioned, this site is just part of a complete relaunch of a number of sites I have in the works. I’ve taken the step of bringing all my domains under the umbrella of a new hosting provider, with the goal of separating properties into the domains that suit them best. If you came here looking for The Adventures of Action Item, for example, you can now find it at its own site, I’m mulling some other ideas that I’m not ready to discuss yet, but overall I hope the new site architecture will be more flexible, more reliable, and will also allow me to get more done and bring it to the Web more often.

“So, wait,” you ask, “does that mean you’re actually going to do something new with Action Item?” Time will tell.