Why software is slow

I have a new article up on InfoWorld.com. This one is a little different from some of the pieces I’ve done recently, in that there’s not much open source in this one. Instead it’s a straight editorial — a rant, if you will — about the problems of modern computing.

The eds at InfoWorld have seen fit to call it “seven reasons why software is slow,” but it’s really more than that. The topic is how computers grow ever more powerful and sophisticated but our own experience using them hardly seems to improve.

Have you ever checked into the office in the morning and booted up your computer, only to wait minutes for it to start up? Then you drummed your fingers on your desk as your hard drive ground through interminable virus checks and backup routines, then waited to get a connection from the network, then fired up your application, only to spend a half-hour trying to figure out how to get the machine to do what you needed it to do? If so, then this article is for you. Check it out and let me know what you think.