Sun Microsystems buys MySQL

There have been rumors about an initial public offering for MySQL AB, the company that makes the open source database MySQL, for some time now. Estimates placed the initial valuation as high as $1 billion. But it looks like Mårten Mickos and company won’t need to bother anymore — they got bought by Sun Microsystems instead! And at their top asking price, to boot.

My full analysis of Sun’s $1 billion acquisition of MySQL is up now for your reading pleasure at The piece has already gotten its fair share of attention — it was the top story on Google Sci/Tech News today — but unfortunately, the curse of InfoWorld is that popular news sources tend to link to the stories when they’re syndicated by InfoWorld’s larger sister publications at IDG. This time, most of the hits seem to be going to PCWorld. But just remember, it was InfoWorld that made this story happen and this type of enterprise tech industry coverage is what InfoWorld does best. So look there first!