Coming soon: A new PC World blog

I’ll be trying something new, hopefully beginning in the next week or two. The good folks over at PC World’s Business Center are revamping the blogs on their site, and I’ve been tapped to helm a new blog about business software.

This will be a bit different from the hard enterprise-focused coverage I’ve done at InfoWorld in the past. Pitching more toward the PC World demographic, this new blog will aim to cover products of interest to small and midsize businesses, with maybe the occasional enterprise-focused story thrown in for good measure. Productivity applications, security, back office, collaboration and communication, storage software, and even lightweight development apps will all be grist for the mill.

PC World, and its parent IDG, already have a gaggle of talented people out bringing in the news stories from Silicon Valley and abroad, so I don’t expect to break much news. Instead, look for insight and analysis on new product releases, security updates, issues, and current debates from the world of software.

The new blog will join a couple of others that I expect to launch at the same time as mine (exact date as yet unknown). Glen Fleishman is on board to create a new blog about business hardware (essentially the flipside of my own), while Erik Larkin will be covering all things Web as they relate to PC World’s more business-savvy reader. (Or maybe I have those two backwards.)

Together, the goal of the new blogs is to build some buzz around the Business Center and to help fuel the discussion about IT products for the SMB market. I’ll let you know when they launch so you can hop on over and join in.

Meanwhile, I’m crossing my fingers that the IT folks at PC World will have the good sense to make an RSS feed of the blog available. If they do, I’ll make sure to have the headlines show up here on my own site so you can get a little taste of the content.