More bloggery to come

As you’ve no doubt noticed, even though I’m no longer an employee at InfoWorld, I still do a fair amount of work for them. Now it looks like my role there is due to expand even further. Recently I’ve been in contact with the InfoWorld editorial staff, and they’ve extended me the opportunity to launch a new blog on the InfoWorld site.

Expect a bit of a departure from my Neil on Software blog at PC World. Instead, this one will take me back to my roots, looking at news, trends, and issues for software developers, with a particular emphasis on the new generation of “Web 2.0” technologies (hate that term).

Between the two blogs, I should get an opportunity to look at a wide range of stuff that interests me — from basic productivity software and office-oriented how-tos, all the way up to Web frameworks, databases, and scripting languages. (Now all I need is a gig writing about hardware and gadgets — any takers out there?)

As before, I hope to keep an RSS feed of my latest posts here on this site, so one way to keep up with what I’m doing in each of these two “worlds” will be to look here.

More info as I get it. But as it looks right now, the InfoWorld blog could launch as soon as next week — or whenever we think up a title for it, whichever comes later.

Speaking of which, if you have a killer idea for a title for a developer-themed blog that you’re willing to give up, send it my way. If we actually end up using it, I’ll make sure you get something-or-other.