Fatal Exception blog launched

After a few technical glitches at the outset, my new InfoWorld blog is at last online. If you’re interested in the geekier aspects of computing, drop on by and take a gander at the first-ever installment of “Fatal Exception.”

Astute observers will recall that I’ve owned fatalexception.org for some time, so the choice of titles isn’t entirely a coincidence. But it also means something, which I’ve tried to explain in the first post.

In programming parlance, an exception is some kind of unforeseen condition that raises a red flag in the system. And since the story of computing and the Internet reads like a history of unforeseen developments and unlikely outcomes, I thought the title was a pretty decent choice. Plus it sounds cool.

At any rate, over the coming weeks you can expect me to cover stories relevant to Web and software developers and the people who love them. Sometimes I’ll be on a “big think” level, other times it will be nitty-gritty technical stuff. But the idea here is to help to chronicle the ever-changing world of software and computing and how developers keep on changing it. That will inevitably involve a lot of “Web 2.0” type stuff, but more traditional software development also.

I should have a new column up each Thursday morning, with maybe some shorter posts interspersed here and there throughout the week, when interesting things pop up. As with my PC World blog, I’ll pull in the RSS feed and list the most recent posts in the righthand column, so this site remains a good place to keep up with everything I’m doing, including any upcoming in-depth articles or features (more of those to come soon).

At any rate, I hope you like the new blog and I can develop it into something that suits you. Please don’t hesitate to send feedback, either here or at InfoWorld.com.