Ubuntu for newbies

Ubuntu LogoA few weeks ago, PC World published an excellent guide to setting up your PC with a brand-new installation of Ubuntu Linux. Now they’ve let me do the follow-up.

Available now on PC World’s site, check out “Don’t Fear the Penguin: A Newbie’s Guide to Linux.” It’s your quick-start tour of your Ubuntu installation, including application highlights, configuration options, and how to work cross-platform with Windows and Mac OS X. Best of all, it’s chock full of screenshots, so you can make sense of it even if you haven’t taken the plunge and installed Ubuntu yet yourself.

Ubuntu is updated regularly, which means any how-to information ages fairly rapidly. But fear not! As I understand it, PC World’s Business Center plans to make regular updates to both of these Ubuntu tutorials as the OS evolves.

As Linux becomes an ever-greater force in desktop computing, PC World plans to be right there with tips, information, and tutorials to help you along your way. And if I have anything to say about it, I’ll be one of the ones bringing them to you.

So if you have any hotbutton topics that you’d like to see covered, send me feedback and I’ll see if we can’t get your ideas into the loop along with all of the other Linux coverage that PC World is planning for the coming months.

One thought on “Ubuntu for newbies

  1. question most newbies need windows to download any linux based distribution
    or order a ship free

    for ubuntu: you can order it for free but still need a form of oppareting system

    why not give it to every sold computer in the world, or make it an optional

    i am a newbie and my word to the the world is: why pay for a system that does not work and keeps track of every thing you do and all the software (not paid for) you install while you can get it for free

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