When I’m not writing, I occasionally dabble in art. As a kid, I really didn’t picture myself ever becoming anything but a comic book artist. Although my goals have changed a little bit as time has passed, my tastes haven’t necessarily. This page will hold a sampling of some of my art from over the years. More to come!

  • Software Development “Dream Team.” In 2005, the art director of Software Development magazine contacted me to illustrate a cover for a special issue on ideal teams for programming projects. I delivered a design based on modern comic-book superheroes.
  • The Shocking Return of the Misfits. Years ago, when Jerry Only and his brother Doyle first reformed the horror-punk band the Misfits, I drew up this illustration for them. It was used for Fiend Club postcards and on tour flyers in Europe.
  • A Trip to the Sausage Factory. A friend asked me to design an invitation to the birthday party for her four-year-old, who is a huge Marvel Comics fan. As I worked on the project,  took scans of the art in various stages of completion. I post them here for those of you who get a kick out of that kind of thing.

…and of course, there’s Action Item.

Also, check out my set of comic book coloring palettes, which I generated from the CMYK colors used by early comics colorists!