Life after InfoWorld

If you’ve found your way here and you work in PR for the tech industry, you’ve probably been getting a little worried. I’m sure it always seemed like getting me to answer your emails (or, heaven forbid, your phone calls) was a little difficult. But lately it must seem like I never answer them.

OK, so you don’t have to be a genius to figure out what’s going on. It’s true. At about the same time that InfoWorld announced its transition to an online-only publication, editor-in-chief Steve Fox and I agreed that we’d part ways. There’s someone else enjoying the view from my corner desk at IDG’s San Francisco offices now, and may the evening symphony of the Bay Bridge traffic traffic bring them much inspiration.

As for me, I’ve gone solo. There’s no bad blood between me and the folks at; doubtless you’ll see my byline on their HTML pages on a regular basis. But with any luck, moving away from the editorial rat race to concentrate on writing will give me a better opportunity to pursue projects a little more diverse than enterprise IT.

That’s not to say that I’m no longer interested in tech. In fact, I have a request. If you’re involved in computing hardware or software PR — or better yet, actual product development — feel free to keep me in the loop. Just please don’t bombard me at my primary email address. Send all unsolicited press releases and briefing requests to this special email box, which I’ve set up specifically for this purpose.

Another request: Please stay on topic. I cover business technologies, generally — not consumer ones. There’s virtually no chance that I’d ever cover Windows desktop widgets, themed browsers, emoticon packs, games, or exciting new AJAX-powered community sites, no matter how groundbreaking they might be.

If you want to pique my interest, tell me about operating systems, open source, database servers, identity management, high-performance computing, enterprise middleware, mainframes, grid computing, extreme programming, processors, embedded systems, SOA, J2EE, RFID, or .Net. You get the picture.

I’m also particularly interested in computing and information technology for the healthcare industry and the life sciences. If you’ve got an interesting story or new product information in that area, be sure to shoot me an email at the above address.

So what about these “more diverse” projects that I mentioned? Well, I’m a little reluctant to disclose too much about that for the moment. I’d rather over-deliver than over-promise. And some of them are still waiting to be discovered! So stay tuned. Through the modern miracles of the Web and RSS, you need never lose track of me again.