Inside Google’s Chrome browser

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For the truly geeky among you: In the latest post to my Fatal Exception blog over at InfoWorld, I’m taking a look under the hood of Chrome, Google’s new Web browser. A lot of articles make mention of how Chrome is open source. I actually put it to the test, by building a custom copy of it myself.

Along the way I found out a lot of interesting information about Chrome’s internals and how Google built it. On the plus side, it’s very clean, well-organized code. On the minus side, it looks like it’s going to be Windows-only for a good while, yet.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun doing this piece (it’s been a long time since I had a legitimate excuse to pull out a compiler on Windows), so if you have the hobbyist spirit, drop on over and join the discussion.

One thought on “Inside Google’s Chrome browser

  1. Hola que tal, soy de chile y nesecito el codigo del google chrome para examinarlo y asi conocer algo mas de el, asi como yo aportar algo haci el.
    Muchas Gracias


    Mario Pardo

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