Happy 2009, everybody!

Happy New Year!Wow. It only just dawned on me how long it’s been since I posted an update to this blog. Don’t worry, I haven’t been idle — on the contrary, my plate’s been pretty full throughout December. In addition to blogging for InfoWorld and PC World, I’ve been working on some private jobs for clients, some stuff you’ll be seeing soon, and finishing up some classes at City College of San Francisco — not to mention the Holidays!

I hope everybody has a happy and safe holiday season, and a prosperous New Year. I’ll give updates on what’s going on with me after the jump.

The first thing I noticed when I was doing some routine maintenance on this site are that the traffic numbers are up — way up. December was the biggest month ever for this site in terms of the number of unique visitors, gaining more than 50 percent since the previous month. (And that’s even with no new blog posts for December!)

A lot of that traffic is going to the artwork pages, as always (links from MySpace are popular), but I’m also seeing promising gains on the RSS feeds. Not to mention that overall traffic has been gaining steadily throughout the year. December’s traffic is almost double what it was in June, and more than five times what it was in January. So thanks to everybody who has enjoyed my work and who keeps dropping in to check up on me.

Speaking of RSS feeds, you’ll notice that one has gone missing from the righthand sidebar of the site. As it happens, PC World Business Center has rethought its blogs, and it’s no longer doing the three separate blogs that I announced earlier in the year. Instead, from now on all of the Business Center blog authors will be contributing to one new, amalgamated blog called BizFeed and that includes me.

I’ve gotten off to a little bit of a slow start because of the season, but I expect to ramp up the pace of posts as the New Year breaks. Unfortunately, however, at present there’s no way to filter the blog or its RSS feed to get just my content, if that’s what you want. That also means I won’t be publishing the RSS feed for that content on this site, either. But keep tuning in at PC World’s site — you may like what you find.

As long as we’re promising things for the New Year, I also plan to get back on track with the book reviews on this site, because some of those have proven popular through links and Google searches (and I plan to keep on reading).

Expect, also, the usual mix of features, opinion, how-to’s, and review of all things technology — and I’m planning to broaden my markets in those areas and beyond, if I can. Without the burden of a full load of classes, I’ll be able to get right back into the swing of regular writing. You’ll hear about it here as it happens.

If you’re out there reading this, what would you like to see from me on this site or elsewhere in the New Year? And what are your own plans? Post a comment and share.

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