Fake books!

E-ReaderAll right, I’ll say it. E-readers are the best. I actually prefer to read books on an electronic device now than to have to carry around big slabs of dead trees. What’s more, if I hear one more person say, “But I like the feel and the smell of the paper,” I’ll scream. There are two distinct types of people in the world. Some of them wear women’s panties, and the others …

I’ve been in the mood for reading some new books, so I did a little research the other day and I figured out about four that I’d be interested in reading. Wasn’t so sold that I wanted to shell out money for them, though. So you know what? I checked them out from the library. Yes, on the e-reader. That’s a thing. Now I walk around with all four of them in my jacket pocket. When I finish one I can pick up the next one, just like that. I can read them in the dark, no flashlight necessary. And to repeat, I did not steal them, I checked them out from my local library and thus supported the authors.
All the same is true of your phone, of course. Anything I buy from Barnes & Noble shows up on my phone automatically, so I can read it when I don’t have my Nook with me. But I really prefer the old e-ink screen. If you haven’t tried it, you should. Way more comfortable on the eyes than a phone or tablet screen.
Say what you will about music formats — and yeah, I pretty much only listen to music on vinyl lately. But for books, I think the electronic format rules. There are some exceptions, of course, where only paper will do — some particularly arty books and what-not. But just for example, everywhere I go I carry with me two fat dictionaries, style guides from the Associated Press and Bloomberg, three of my favorite books on writing and a bunch of my favorite novels. And if I lose my phone, all I have to do is bring the new phone online and I’ll still be carrying around all those same books. Weighs about six ounces. I think that’s pretty cool.

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