The shocking return of the Misfits

When I heard the Misfits were getting back together in the mid-90s, I drew up this illustration as an homage to them, seeing as they were my favorite band in the world when I was in high school. They liked it so much that they used it for flyers for their first European tour, and as a promotional postcard for the Misfits Fiend Club.

The shame of it is that it was never really properly reproduced. It was always shrunk down too small to really see the detail. The original is about 11 x 17 inches.

Misfits art by Neil McAllister

All in all, the Misfits were really nice guys about it, and sent me a whole big box of stuff including T-shirts, a promo CD, flyers, posters, and a whole box of ProEdge knives — which are like X-Acto knives, but at the time they were made by Jerry and Doyle in their dad’s machine shop.

You can also find this illustration inside the jewel case for a Misfits CD bootleg called Blood. Don’t ask me how it got there. If you’ve seen any more bootleggings of the art, let me know about it. (Don’t worry, I’m just curious — I’m not going to sue anybody. The Misfits own the rights to this artwork.)

If you like, you can grab a high-res version, suitable for printing on a sheet of letter paper and making stuff with. It’s only about 350KB. If you silkscreen it on something, maybe I’ll see you with it.

12 thoughts on “The shocking return of the Misfits

  1. I like this drawing so much! My favorite part is the way “eddie” is in a cloak.
    The shading style fits right in with other misfits cover art.
    I plan on getting this (probably adjusted) tattooed on my arm.

  2. Neil, this is some truly awesome artwork. (It totally hearkens back to the wonderful EC artwork from the fifties!) I’ve seen it before, and recently was searching for Misfits items on eBay when to my surprise I found a shirt with your art on it. After reading your short history of how the art came to be part of the Misfits’ history, I take it that these shirts are probably “unofficial”?

  3. Hi, yes, so far any shirts you see with this design are not official Misfits merchandise. I’ve been in touch with their merchandising group recently, though (February 2009), and there’s a chance you may see official shirts soon. I’ll post something here as soon as I hear concrete details.

  4. great art. flippy, who the hell is “eddie”? how about you don’t get a misfits tattoo and instead get an iron maiden tattoo as you obviously have the two “mascots” confused. i may be nitpicking but i hate idiots, if you’re gonna get a tattoo of a band at least no a little something about them.

  5. I love this photo! I actually have it on a shirt. It’s really awesome. Im actually gonna buy extras because its somewhat faded now. Thanks for creating it!

  6. Were you under the impression that Glenn would be returning with them at that time? That does look like him with the wide devil lock, is that what you intended?

  7. @Oliver: No, I knew it wasn’t going to be Glenn. If I remember right, at the time I was drawing this Michale Graves had only just been hired and I had only seen one or two photos of him.

  8. Hey there, I know this is insanely late to be commenting on this, but here goes.

    First off, great job. You’re inspiration to many artists such as myself.

    Second of all, and I’m sure you’re aware of this, there has been a t-shirt floating around with your artwork on it, however–! It has been altered!

    As you can see, it’s been altered to only show Jerry! Go figure, right? Not surprising considering his ego.

    My girlfriend purchased this shirt from Hot Topic last year and while it isn’t present on the official Misfits merch site, it’s hard for me to think of it as “unofficial” considering its location of sale and the fact that it’s edited to only feature the worst member of the band (besides maybe Robo, but that’s another discussion for another day).


  9. Hey Snake, thanks for bringing this to my attention! I have not seen that shirt before. You’re probably right — it probably IS an “official” shirt. The Misfits’ manager wrote me a few years ago asking to formally buy the rights to the artwork. I said that was fine — since to be fair, it is their band, their logo, and even their likenesses in the image. So they paid me a little cash and it’s theirs to use now, however they want. I agree, though, editing it down to just show Jerry is a little lame. :-S

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